Have you ever gone out at on a cloudless night when there is no bright Moon on the sky and be blown away by the astonishing number of stars in the sky?

Have you ever wondered what these many spots of light in sky mean?

Have you ever thought whether there is life beyond our own blue planet. Is our world a unique oasis of life or are there other planets that harbour life?

This webquest is designed for students of 8th form to answer all these question. 

You are invited to go on a space journey in order to have a quick overview of the universe and the historical aspects of some great space discoveries.  You will know more about the leader countries in space exploration and the most famous astronauts of the world. You will also do research why people explore the universe and why they are so keen on space.

So, let's get started. The team of young astronauts will lead you through the webquest .

Are you ready? Put on your space suit because your adventures in space are about to begin! Our spaceship will take off soon.  Click on it to go to the next page.

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